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Home > Live Sound > Live Sound Signal Processing > AKG CS2BU/100

Product code: SKU
Manufacturer: AKG

Price: $4,056.25


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AKG CS2BU/100 Description:

Conference system base unit w/CPS100 power supply for up to 200 stations

The CS 2 Base Station controls up to 200 Microphone Stations and provides automatic NOM (Number of Open Microphones) attenuation. System gain will decrease by approx. 3 dB every time the number of open microphone doubles.

The result is a substantially lower risk of feedback even if the number of open microphones varies constantly.

A selectable Voice Activation function turns the microphones on automatically as soon as they are talked into.

The NOM Limitation function allows the number of simultaneously open microphones to be limited to one, two, three, four, or five.

This function can be locally disabled on each Microphone Station so a specific microphone, e.g., one mounted on a lectern, will come on every time, no matter how many mics may be open already.

AKG CS2BU/100 Features:

  • Base Station for up to 200 Microphone Stations
  • Intuitive controls
  • Superior audio quality
  • Voice activation and NOM limitation
  • Standard ins and outs for external equipment

AKG CS2BU/100 Specifications:

  • Inputs Mic Station Inputs: 15-pin male HD D-sub x4
  • Line: Balanced 3-pin female XLR
  • AUX: Female RCA phono x2
  • Outputs Line: Balanced 3-pin female XLR
  • Outputs Record: Female RCA phono x2
  • Headphone: 1/4" TRS Phone
  • Input Impedance Line: @ 1KHz, 30k ohms
  • AUX: @ 1KHz, 33k ohms
  • Maximum Input Level Mic Stations: < % THD, +13dB
  • Line: < % THD, +17dB
  • Maximum Output Level Line: < % THD, +10dBu
  • Outputs Record: < % THD, +17dBu
  • Signal to Noise Ratio Line: 88dB
  • Outputs Record: 88dB
  • Headphones: 82dB
  • THD & Noise 0.05%
  • The conference system shall be a single-cable system for quick installation.
  • A base station shall control up to 200 microphone stations and provide expansion ports for setting up systems with more than 200 microphone stations.
  • The system shall be compatible with most current types of signal sources, recording devices, sound systems, teleconferencing systems, etc.
  • The system shall include a chairperson station with a priority button.
  • Both the chairperson station and the delegate station shall be available in a desktop version for mobile systems and a table mount version for fixed installation.
  • Goosenecks in two different lengths (approx. 30 cm/12 in. and approx. 50 cm/20 in.) and five different microphone capsules for optimum voice pickup shall also be available.
  • All types of microphone stations shall provide a "Voice Zoom" function and other individually adjustable functions including voice activation, automatic mute after prolonged pauses, noise gate, etc.
  • The system shall be the AKG CS 2.

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Home > Live Sound > Live Sound Signal Processing > AKG CS2BU/100

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