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Home > Live Sound > Live Sound Microphones > AKG C400BL

Product code: SKU
Manufacturer: AKG

Price: $131.25


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AKG C400BL Description:

The C 400 BL is the first choice for any application calling for a small, low-profile boundary layer microphone.

Its uses range from conferencing and lectures to theaters, surveillance, paging, and many others. Its frequency response has been optimized for speech pickup.

Its hypercardioid polar pattern, speech optimized frequency response, and extremely small dimensions have made the C 400 BL extremely popular.

The design is inconspicuous and the housing can be painted easily in any color to make it almost invisible against its backing.

AKG C400BL Features:

  • Small and inconspicuous boundary layer microphone
  • Speech optimized frequency response
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern
  • Easy to repaint

AKG C400BL Specifications:

  • Polar pattern hypercardioid
  • Frequency range 150 to 15,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity 13.5 mV/Pa (-37 dBV)
  • Max. SPL 115 dB (k=1 %)
  • Equivalent noise level 32 dB-A
  • Signal/noise ratio (A-weighted) 62 dB
  • Impedance 200 ohms
  • Recommended load impedance >2,000 ohms
  • Supply voltage 9 to 52 V phantom power to DIN/IEC
  • Current consumption <3 mA
  • Connector 3 pol. XLR-Stecker
  • Cable 3 m (10 ft.)
  • Finish matte black
  • Dimensions 43 x 24 x 15 mm (1.7 x 0.9 x 0.6 in.)
  • Net weight 5.5 g (0.2 oz.)
  • Shipping weight 160 g (5.7 oz.)
  • Unidirectional boundary layer microphone with frequency response tailored to the speech range (low frequency roll off of 6 dB/octave below 300 Hz; high frequency roll off above 7 kHz of 12 dB/octave, with a rise of 4 dB in the 6 kHz range).
  • Microphone sensitivity shall be no less than 13.5 mV/Pa (-37 dBV), and the microphone's dynamic range shall be no less than 62 dB.
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) shall be no greater than 1 % at an acoustical operating level of 115 dB. Size: 1.7 x 0.9 x 0.6 in. (43 x 24 x 15 mm), color: non-reflective black. Net/shipping weight: 5.5/160 g (0.2/5.7 oz.).

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Home > Live Sound > Live Sound Microphones > AKG C400BL

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