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Roland KC-350
Product code: SKU
Manufacturer: Roland

Price: $495.00


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  • Roland KC-350

    Roland KC-350 Overview:

    An All-Around Performer.

    The perfect combination of power and value, the new KC-350 is ideal for medium-sized gigs. It features a 120-watt amplifier with convenient 3-band EQ, new Output Select and Shape switch features, plus a Subwoofer output for extra low end. The KC-350 can also be connected to mixer or recording devices via its 1/4" phone Line output.

    Stereo mixing keyboard amplifier with 120-watt/12-inch speaker and horn tweeter

    Output Select switch and convenient Shape switch for tonal adjustment

    3-band EQ and Subwoofer output compatible with new KCW-1

    1/4-inch phone output for connection to recording devices

    Stereo Link In/Out for chaining to KC-350s for stereo stage sound

    Roland KC-350 Details:

    Up to 4-Channel Mixing

    KC-series amplifiers feature a flexible mixing section designed with the performing musician in mind. Our flagship models feature up to four stereo inputs, and KC amps include a Microphone input and stereo Auxiliary input for connecting CD players.

    Stereo Link Capabilities

    The KC-550 and KC-350 include Roland's Stereo Link feature for chaining two amplifiers. Using a single cable, you can connect two KC amps for true stereo sound while controlling them both from the amp nearest you on stage.


    Want more low end? Simply add an optional subwoofer like Roland's new KCW-1. Connections are easy, thanks to the Subwoofer output found on all new KC amps. Now even the most affordable models can sound huge!

    Made for the Road

    KC amps are built for life on the road. All models have built-in handles for easier transportation (the KC-550 also includes casters) and a rugged design with heavy-duty carpeting, protective edges and an all-metal grille.

    Roland KC-350 Specifications:

    • Output
    • Rated Power Output 120 W
    • Speakers 30 cm (12 inches) x 1
    • Tweeter x 1
    • Nominal Input Level (1 kHz)
    • Channel 1 (MIC/LINE) -50 to -20 dBu
    • Channel 2-4 (LINE) -20 dBu
    • AUX IN -10 dBu
    • Nominal Output Level (1 kHz)
    • LINE OUT +4 dBu
    • SUBWOOFER OUT +4 dBu
    • Controls
    • CH2 VOLUME Knob
    • CH3 VOLUME Knob
    • CH4 VOLUME Knob
    • OUTPUT SELECT Switch
    • EQ (MIDDLE) Knob
    • EQ (HIGH) Knob
    • SHAPE Switch
    • VOLUME Knob
    • POWER Switch
    • Indicator
    • POWER
    • Connectors
    • CH1 INPUT Jack (XLR type)
    • CH1-4 INPUT L (MONO) Jacks (1/4" phone type)
    • CH1-4 INPUT R Jacks (1/4" phone type)
    • LINE OUT L (MONO) Jack (1/4" phone type)
    • LINE OUT R Jack (1/4" phone type)
    • AUX IN Jacks (RCA phono type)
    • SUBWOOFER OUT Jack (1/4" phone type)
    • STEREO LINK IN Jack (1/4" phone type)
    • STEREO LINK OUT Jack (1/4" phone type)
    • PHONES Jack (Stereo 1/4" phone type)
    • Power Supply
    • Voltage AC 117 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V
    • Power Consumption 100 W
    • Accessory
    • Owner's Manual
    • Size and Weight
    • Width 490 mm 19-5/16 inches
    • Depth 385 mm 15-3/16 inches
    • Height 470 mm 18-9/16 inches
    • Weight 22.0 kg 48 lbs. 9 oz.
    • * 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms
    • *The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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