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Korg C520CH
Product code: SKU
Manufacturer: Korg

Price: $2,799.00


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Korg C520CH

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Korg C520CH Description:


The all new C-520 concert piano combines advances in sound, touch and design into a feast for all the senses.

The Piano eXperience

While existing piano sampling techniques have resembled an audio snapshot, our new ?Piano eXperience? technology is more of a hologram, accurately reproducing every dimensional detail of the sound. All piano sampling for the C-520 is done in stereo to preserve the natural imaging of the sound. Different dynamic levels are captured to extend the instrument's expressive vocabulary.

Going even further, the C-520 uses the sound of the key being released and the hammer returning, as well as the sympathetic damper resonance of the strings to create all of the subtle shadings that create a superior instrument sound. This attention to detail defines the sound of the new C-520, providing an instrument that can interpret every nuance of touch into a meaningful musical gesture.

Piano is just the beginning

While great care has gone into creating such a satisfying piano experience, piano is just the beginning. Harpsichord and clavinets, organs, electric pianos and dozens of other sounds are also available. Forty sounds are arranged into four banks of ten for easy access on the C-520.

Two sounds can be used together for a layered performance and the C-520 also has a split function for playing sounds in separate areas of the keyboard. To further enhance the sound, you can add adjustable levels of reverb and chorus. In addition, the C-520 has a per-sound ?Insert Effect,? including Rotary Speaker, Tremolo, Delay, Phaser, and Equalizer, which can greatly add to the character of each sound, even when layering and splitting. The Performance function allows you to easily save and recall up to 30 of these sound combinations, including levels, effects, split point, and more.

Responsive piano action

The C-520 features Korg's newest ultra-responsive RH3 graded hammer action; weighted and balanced like a true grand piano, the keys are progressively lighter toward the upper end of the keyboard. In addition, the response of the keyboard can be adjusted to suit the player's taste thanks to eight velocity curves, plus a ?fixed? level setting for authentic harpsichord and organ performances. The C-520 has three pedals ? including half-pedaling response for the damper and soft pedals ? for an even more authentic performance. A convenient folding music rest is provided.

Easy on the eyes and ears

A pleasure to play, a pleasure to hear, the C-520 reflects improvements in cabinetry and design that makes it a pleasure to look at as well. The C-520 features a sliding cover to protect the keyboard when not in use. The cabinetry is characterized by graceful curves and accents, adding a refined look. The dark rosewood finish is designed to blend with any décor. The front panel controls are understated and uncluttered, and LED indicators provide visual feedback of the current settings.

Concealed in this artistic presentation is a powerful internal sound system. The C-520 is housed in an internal bass reflex chamber for additional ?punch,? with a pair of tweeters for increased clarity, all powered by 35 Watt amplifiers.

Essential extras

The C-520 piano can be transposed into any musical key, and 10 temperaments are provided. The metronome is adjustable and provides a reliable aid for rhythmic practicing: you can select a traditional click or even a drum pattern to play with. MIDI In and Out ports are available for interfacing with a computer or other MIDI-equipped musical products. Audio outputs allow the pianos to be connected to a sound system or recording device ? perfect for schools and worship services. Two headphone outputs are provided for silent practice or teacher and student privacy.

A two-part recorder lets the musician accompany himself, or record a complete piano performance. Using the demo songs, the Piano Lesson feature allows you to isolate either hand, so that each part can be learned independently. The C-520 is also equipped with audio inputs ? so you can play along with CDs or add a MIDI sound module ? and a USB computer interface both for MIDI connection and data exchange. To keep track of all these features, the C-520 features a 16-character backlit LCD display.

Korg C520CH Specifications:


  • 88 key, Graded Hammer Action (RH3)
  • Eight velocity curves, plus fixed
  • Wooden sliding key cover
  • Tone Generating System:

  • Piano eXperience stereo sampling
  • Polyphony:

  • 62 voices (maximum)
  • Modes:

  • Normal, Layer, Split, Performance (30)
  • Programs:

  • 40 types; (7 Acoustic Pianos, Honky-Tonk, Electric Grand, 8 Electric Pianos, 2 Harpsichords, 2 Clavs, 2 Vibraphones, Acoustic Guitar, 3 Jazz Organs, 3 Church Organs, 3 Strings, 3 Choirs, 4 Basses.)
  • Effects:

  • 8 Reverb types ,6 Chorus types
  • 24 Insert types including Tremolo, Delay, Rotary Speaker, Equalizer, etc.
  • Brilliance (5 settings)
  • Recorder:

  • 2 parts, 45,000 notes per song
  • Controls:

  • Record, Play/Pause, Stop, Part 1 On/Off, Part 2 On/Off.
  • Functions:

  • Cycle, Erase Track, Quantize, Transpose, Delete Song,
  • Rename Song.
  • Demos:

  • 205 songs; 20 demo songs
  • 185 classical songs with separate R.H. and L.H. parts
  • Metronome:

  • Tempo
  • Time Signature
  • Accent (Standard, Bell)
  • Volume controls
  • Drum patterns
  • Tuning:

  • Transpose
  • Fine tuning
  • 10 Temperaments + Quarter Tone
  • Pedals:

  • Damper (support half-pedaling)
  • Soft (support half-pedaling)
  • Sostenuto
  • Display:

  • 16 character backlit LCD
  • Inputs:

  • Left, Right
  • Outputs:

  • Left/Mono, Right
  • Headphones x 2
  • MIDI:

  • In, Out
  • USB:

  • Supports Microsoft Windows XP & Vista* and Apple Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • *After the safe disconnection of the USB device from your computer, please confirm that the message "Disable?" is shown on page 16 ("USB Connect") of the Global Edit Mode, and press the "+/YES" switch. The "Wait Please" message will briefly appear.
  • Amplification System:

  • 35W x 2
  • Speakers:

  • 2 x 13 cm woofer in bass-reflex boxes
  • 2 x tweeter
  • Power:

  • DC24V AC adapter
  • Color:

  • Dark Rosewood
  • Music Stand:

  • With score holder
  • Dimensions (W x D x H):

  • 53.90" x 18.19" x 34.21"
  • 1,369 x 462 x 869 mm
  • Weight:

  • 116.84 lbs. / 53 kg
  • Accessories:

  • AC adapter
  • Song Book
  • CD-ROM with KORG USB-MIDI Driver for Windows XP
  • *Sounds processed by INFINITY software.
  • *All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
  • Specifications subject to change without notice

Free Accessories:

Sennheiser HD415 Headphones, Korg PC600DR Bench, Emedia Piano & Keyboard Basics

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